Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan

On July 25, 2018, Pakistan held elections. This was the second successive democratic transfer of power ever, since the country was born in 1947. Pakistanis rejected the corrupt status quo parties and their leaders. Pakistanis chose to give a chance to a popular leader who is considered a new comer even after struggling for 22 years in politics. Pakistanis chose Imran Khan to be their next Prime Minister.

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The Harms of Pakistan's Cricket Isolation

International cricket in Pakistan was deeply affected by global events and regional unrest. In fact, cricket in Pakistan has been isolated for more than a decade now. Pakistan's "home ground" has been places like UAE for a long time. There have been cricketers who never played international cricket at home. The harm caused by this isolation goes deeper than most of us realize.

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Programming Languages Don't Die

We agree, we subscribe to the philosophy "languages never die". There are new languages added to the mix so things become more complex. It's part of the problem we're trying to solve and help dev #gofaster

This quote is from ActiveState on Twitter. It got me thinking especially because I am -- seemingly forever -- grappling with the idea of which programming language will help my career in the future.

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Resumes and Interviews

I have been interviewing a lot of candidates for DevOps roles recently. I also interviewed as a candidate for a DevOps role with my upcoming employer. These experiences have taught me many new lessons as well as revived some forgotten ones.

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Python is the New bash

bash (or at least Bourne shell sh) is ubiquitous in the Linux and BSD world. Replacing it with Python will not be easy, painless, or quick. But the plethora of base tools written in Python for Linux distributions testifies to the mindshare Python has gained. I don't expect the likes of FreeBSD, for example, to bring Python into base anytime soon. But we as users can certainly replace our code written in shell with Python.

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Tinkering with Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite

I have been tinkering with my home network for a while now. Over time I have settled on some requirements:

  • Low power usage
  • Almost zero noise
  • Three or more gigabit (or higher) network interfaces
  • Support for multiple operating systems (OS)
  • Optional but highly desired: supported by FreeBSD, OpenBSD, or NetBSD

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite (ERL for short) is a small and lightweight device that fits all these requirements.

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